Monday, September 9, 2013

It's official!!!

Twisted Lines will be out September 20th. Whoot!!!

Along with this news is an exciting surprise. 

There will be two more volumes in the Blurred Lines series. The titles are False Lines (volume 7) and Gratifying Lines (volume 8).

Here are the lovely covers:

All of them were created by the talented Steven Novak. 

Of course after this series is over I'll be releasing a new one. The series title is CRUSHED VELVET and the first volume will be entitled: Traitorous Heart

Here's the summary:

Katie Jayne has her life planned out, including her job after graduating college, the man she’ll marry, and the number of kids they’ll have together. Her roommates think she’s boring. She isn’t. She can have fun if she wants—and to prove it she takes a job as a cocktail waitress at The Attic, a local bar where the music is live and the crowd is rowdy. During her very first shift she meets Griffin Maxwell, the lead singer of Crushed Velvet. After losing a drinking bet she kisses him. The kiss tilts her world. His lips are feather-soft, yet urgent. They’re the perfect shape and size. As soon as their lips touch, she knows his mouth was made for hers—except it can’t be.
His rumpled rocker lifestyle and exquisite lips don’t fit into her plan. All she has to do is convince her traitorous heart.

Traitorous Heart (Crushed Velvet #1) HERE.
False Lines (Blurred Lines #7) HERE.
Gratifying Lines (Blurred Lines #8) HERE.


  1. Im wayyy to excited for the 20TH!!! and then with those titles for the last two really got me thinking!!! omg I can't wait!!!

  2. Sooooo excited! I think I prefer Zane! So gutted at the end of #5!

  3. I'm so thrilled for both the news about the other Blurred Lines parts and the new upcoming series. Love rockstar stories! :D

  4. Bought. Your series Vol. 1-4 then had to one click to get Vol. 5. It was that good. I agree with K.T. Fisher though. Zane won me out at the end but didn't expect this twist that's getting me so anxious to get Vol. 6... Gah! LoL

    I've already left review for boxed set at my shelfari account. You can find me there under Ruby's Java Corner and same for facebook. :) Awesome books!

  5. Where can I get twisted lines from??

  6. Has any one been able to download book #6 I know it comes out today, september 20.. please help any one. Cant find it on amazon or kindle

  7. On Breena Wilde's Facebook, she just posted that it hasn't been published yet today.

  8. Where can you go to purchase a copy of twisted lines?

  9. Will they be available for kindle if so when???

  10. Thx paige I saw it after I wrote my comment.. anita craft they are al available in kindle except for #6 should be available soon ;)

  11. I just got it on Kindle today... it was over too soon... whens the next two!!! argh!

    1. Couldn't find kindle edition on amazon.

  12. Omg you rock. I read 1-6 all day and night, didn't sleep. I need 7 & 8 I can't stand waiting hurry hurry hurry, love them all. I'm new to your books so I'm not sure how your book releases go. Is it every 2 weeks or monthly? If someone can let me know that would be great can't wait for #7 soooooooo good :-P

  13. Wondering when Twisted Lines is going to be available on Kindle? Love this series.