Monday, October 6, 2014

Traitorous Heart #4 is Live

Sex with a rock star + a murder = Katie Jayne's life. 

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Genre: Erotic Mystery Romance 
Volume 4 in the Traitorous Heart series. 

Sex with a rock star + a murder = Katie Jayne’s life. 

Birdy shared the facts with Katie about the murder. Now Katie needs to figure out the truth. She can't do it alone though. As a wannabe private investigator people seem less than excited to share what happened. But with the hot lawyer, Cage Devereux in her corner, she just might get to the bottom of the mystery and save her friend. 

And then there's Griffin, the sexy rockstar. Katie can't stop thinking about him when he isn't around and even worse, she can't keep her hands off him when he is. But maybe he isn't coming back. He's gone to LA to sign a contract with Warren Records. Maybe their relationship was just an incredibly torrid and steamy fling. 

Time will tell. 

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